Walk With Me

So, a mixture of finishing university, performing at a show, securing a job and finding a cozy nook for me to dwell in like Bilbo Baggins has meant I haven’t posted anything for far too long! But I have been thinking about something that happened a few weeks back…

I walked down a steep hill into Falmouth town after a stressful morning of reading through my dissertation chapters. I needed fresh air, a change of scene and a breezeblock-sized slab of coffee cake.

I wasn’t even thinking of him. Nothing had made me think of him, but I knew he was there. Out of nowhere – or, maybe, everywhere – I heard my Grandpa humming beside me as if he were walking with me down this sloping hill in perfect rhythm. One of those sounds that only I would recognise and that only I could relate to him. He was there and he was not there.

Walk With Me

Fall in step with me,
Back to the ground, to me,
So we can travel as one,
And drift in space,
Like headlights in the dark.

Hum your tune as we go,
That I can’t recall, but I know,
And bounce back into time
Melodious flow,
So we’re birds on a wire,
A piano chord.

Stay by my side,
And help me, or try,
To equate my parts,
When there’s no add, just divide.
You see, I’m both lodged and moving,
Shrapnel in scattered wounds.



About hannahvaughan14

I always have my nose in a book, I love writing, drawing, reading, anything creative! Ideas constantly crowd my head and so I have to get them down onto paper somehow before they fly off again...
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